God’s Grace and My Six Year Dental Visit Lapse

I don’t know anyone who actually enjoys going to the dentist. But we all know we’re supposed to brush twice a day, floss, and visit the dentist twice a year.

Well, I hadn’t gone in six years.

If you’re wondering why, I honestly don’t have a good excuse: I do blame postpartum depression for some of it, and a lack of dental insurance. Mostly, I was just scared to go.

As a kid, my mom always had us visit our local dentist consistently every six months. As an adult, I was racking up a lapse of six years. Not only that, there were seasons during this time when my dental hygiene was poor to nearly non-existent.

I was sure I had multiple cavities, gingivitis, and an upper wisdom tooth that finally decided to erupt. I just knew this visit would be awful.

But through a God-given strength, I picked up my phone, made the appointment, and ramped up my dental hygiene routine before appointment day arrived.

At my appointment, I braced myself for the worst.

Here we go. Dr. M. is going to inform me I have 13 cavities and a bad case of gingivitis. I’ll need to get the wisdom tooth pulled and the other ones which are likely hiding below my gum line removed.

The hygienist finished her job and my dentist gave me an exam. Then he left the room.

I looked at the hygienist.

“Did I have some cavities?”


“I don’t have any???…Wow. Do I have more wisdom teeth?”

“Nope, just the one.”

Are you shocked? I was too! I didn’t have any cavities, there was no mention of gingivitis, and I only had the one wisdom tooth.

If that wasn’t the unconditional love of God, I don’t know what else to call it. By God’s grace, I had a painless, uneventful dentist visit. After six years, my teeth were still ok.

Sometimes, God blesses us when we least expect it. He graces us when we think there’s no way we deserve it. He is a compassionate and merciful God, slow to anger and abounding in faithful love.

He is good to us even though we mess up and fail him. Why? Because he loves us. His love exceeds that of the most nurturing, caring parents on earth. It’s amazing.

Lord, thank you.

I just had to share this little story. God is so loving, he even cares about the little things, like a trip to the dentist.

5 thoughts on “God’s Grace and My Six Year Dental Visit Lapse

  1. Love this and it’s sooo incredibly important and necessary to thank Him for the little and the big…He must never be overlooked!
    This story is funny to me because I have a few posts similar from when I first began blogging…one about getting braces for the second time and one about visiting the Dr for the regular women check up, which I had neglected to do for many years…guess we have to keep in mind that our body is God’s temple so we must maintain it well!❤️ Take care!!

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  2. I can sense your overflowing gratitude to God after your dental appointment. I too is guilty of not going to the dentist because of a couple of reason One, budget. Two, not considering it as important over other things. As long as I am not in pain, I should be OK. I know I need to improve my point of view on this.
    By the way, I am new in blogging and just recently, I made a challenge on myself to visit at least 10 blogs everyday for the next 21 days. In each visit, I will leave comment on it and put the link on my blog as well. Hope you can support me on this by visiting my blog too.
    I followed your blog too.


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