Children’s Book Review: Big Plans for Henry

Big Plans for Henry is a family resource available from the Institute for Creation Research, a Christian organization dedicated to uplifting the truth and authenticity of God’s Word through creation-science research. As a part of this mission, they offer tons of great books, DVDs, magazines, and other materials for anyone to read and watch. I received this book in return for a review, and am delighted to share my thoughts with you.

Big Plans for Henry is a sweet little addition to the ICR’s collection of family resources. Targeted toward pre-school and elementary aged children, this book offers delightful illustrations and simple story telling to teach children about dinosaurs, the flood, and God’s plan for all life and for our lives as well.

Henry is a duck-bill dinosaur who hatches from his egg and immediately embarks on an adventure to discover God’s plan for his life. Along the way, the reader is introduced to other dinosaur species. Throughout the story, “dino facts” are interspersed throughout the pages and offer concrete, interesting facts about dinosaurs and life before the flood. While these extra tidbits might be a bit above the comprehension of young children, they will certainly fascinate adults and older students.

At the end of the story, Henry learns all about the big plans God has for his life. Not only that, but the authors assure readers that God has plans for all of us, too. I really liked how the story wrapped up and included the futures of the readers, too. It made the book more personal.

Big Plans for Henry is a 32-page softcover children’s story book. The illustrations are quite sweet and have a sort of whimsical feel to them. The pages are a nice texture and seem to be good quality.

While this book is unique from most other ICR resources in that it follows a story line, I do think it shines in the facts, creation science, and Gospel points that it has to offer. Like other resource books, this one could definitely be used as a learning tool. I could see homeschool students or young kids who are interested in dinosaurs really enjoying this book. It is also a good resource to help explain the pre-flood world and how it differs from our world today.

This book would also make a great birthday or holiday gift. Even a very young child will enjoy looking at all the pictures. Older students will appreciate learning about the reality of life before the flood.

I enjoyed Big Plans for Henry and would recommend this story for anyone who is searching for a Christian-based, dinosaur story.

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