Happy New (Church) Year

Happy Advent!

Tomorrow marks the beginning of a new church year. Advent begins December 1st this year and ends on Christmas. Will Jesus return this year?

I guess it’s interesting to think about, anyway. Life for me has been very busy and filled with some new anxieties. Do I hope that Jesus will return this year? Absolutely! It is during stressful and difficult life situations that I find myself craving my Savior more than ever and longing for the perfect life that awaits us.

In the meantime, I am clinging to the comfort and promises found in his word. I’m also doing my best to take a shot at homeschooling and having fun with my kids, not to mention fixing up our 100 year old, newly purchased farmhouse and learning all about living in the countryside in a very old home. There have been many challenges! And I’ve definitely been stressed.

I hope to share what I am learning with you in the upcoming months. I also have some wonderful book reviews that will be posted soon. If you need a basic Advent devotion for a small group study or a woman’s group, feel free to use the one I wrote last year. It’s available for anyone to read and share. Just click on the Faith Life page and you will find it there.

Happy New year! Remember that God is gracious and compassionate and he cares for you.

Amen, come, Lord Jesus!

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