Following God’s Directions Even When They’re Uncomfortable

I was adamant that we would never move again. We’d just gotten settled into our very first owned home: a cute and cozy two-story house with play space in the basement and a fantastic backyard with a view. After having lived in seven residences in a five-year time span, I was absolutely through with moving… never again.

After all, why would we need to? This home was an absolute gift for our family. We were blessed to be living very near family. We now had two children. The neighborhood was very safe. The only thing that hadn’t yet seemed to fall into place was a steady employment opportunity. But, surely, God would provide that for us, too.

He certainly did: in a town three and a half hours away.

The job was an excellent fit for my husband and would be a tremendous blessing for our family. My parents lived in the next town over. It would all be fine. I knew that. I knew we would accept this offer. But I couldn’t stand to think that this new adventure would mean we’d be packing and moving again.

Sometimes, the path toward God’s direction for our lives isn’t always pleasant. We know what he wants for us, but the way there may feel uncomfortable and not so easy to follow. Maybe you’ve been there, too: a job change, the desire to all of a sudden try for more children, a new endeavor, going back to work, deciding to stay at home, moving in with a relative, bringing a parent home to live with you… the result is evident, but the journey looks tough. Sometimes, God’s directions just don’t make sense to us. I know this job will be great for our family, but why would God send us away from our beloved home? 

I was reminded – via Veggie Tales, believe it or not – that God’s way is the best way. I may not appreciate the circumstances of having to move again, but my family and I can be certain that God will take good care of us, provide for us, and keep showering us with his grace, no matter what.

A month later, we’re all fine. We survived another move. Not only that, but we witnessed God’s grace numerous times:

  • My cousin drove up and stayed with us for three days to help me pack and care for the kids.
  • My brother drove up and helped my husband move ALL the furniture and heavy items.
  • My parents let us stay with them for three weeks until we found someplace to rent.
  • We were made an offer on our home less than 48 hours after it entered the market and we officially sold it in less than six weeks.

Basically, God was telling us: don’t worry, you guys, I’ve got this. And I’ve got you! You’re in good hands.

We are in the best hands. So are you! We can live in complete confidence, no matter where life takes us, because we know that we are the children of a loving God who cares for our smallest needs, knows what it best for us, hears our prayers, forgives our misdoings, and has prepared a paradise of a home for us.

So, if you’re facing some uncomfortable directions, take heart: you are already being faithful for pursuing God’s will in your life. Fear not; follow where he leads. God’s way is the best way.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11

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