Advent Devotion 2018

For this Advent season, I was requested to either find or write an Advent devotional for a ladies’ gathering. I decided to write one, and wanted to share it with you, as well.

This devotional could be used in a personal setting, but is actually intended for a small group. There is an opening and closing prayer, two hymns, and a Psalm recitation included.

It was written for women: many of the examples and scenarios in the devotion will resonate best with moms and ladies, although men could certainly listen to it, too. This little devotional service could be used for a church event, a small group, a ladies’ gathering, a mom’s group, or even for personal devotion time.

This is a free resource; please be welcomed to use it or share it. I pray that our Lord Jesus would bless you in this season of anticipation, and fill your heart with eager hope and renewed joy.

Click below to view the PDF.

Advent Devotion 2018


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