Children’s Book Review: Dinosaurs: God’s Mysterious Creatures

This warmly colored children’s book is a family resource put out by the Institute for Creation Research. The ICR is a research organization dedicated to uplifting the truth and authenticity of God’s Word. As a part of this mission, they offer tons of great books, DVDs, magazines, and other materials for anyone to read and watch. I received this book in return for a review, and am delighted to share my thoughts with you.

dino book review

For any child who is interested in dinosaurs or has questions about them, this book is a great fit. And for any parent who is searching for an easily comprehensible, Christian-based dinosaur resource, this book is a super fit. Geared toward elementary-aged students, Dinosaurs showcases bright illustrations and larger sized text. This soft-cover book of 121 pages is packed with facts and details.

About half of the book answers popular dinosaur-related questions, like “How did the dinosaurs go extinct?” and “Were dinosaurs on the earth the same time as people?” and “Did dinosaurs enter the ark with Noah?” The other half of the book highlights different dinosaur kinds and shares unique, fun, yet informative facts about each species.

This book is written in an informal, conversational style that would make it more engaging for children to read than say, a school textbook. A 4th grade student could pick up this book, search the table of contents, and easily find the pages that answer a specific dinosaur question. A younger child would do best reading this book with an adult (although, they may be delighted just to look at all the eye-catching pictures – my toddler was doing this today). And an adult could read through this book in an hour or less and brush up on dinosaur facts and probably learn something new.

I have to admit, when I simply looked at the cover of this book, I thought it was going to be more like a board book style item with minimal words per page and lots of illustrations. It’s not! Although all of the pictures are illustrated, there is plenty of text per page and loads of great information.

But I have to say that my absolute favorite thing about this book is that it presented dinosaurs in light of the gospel! The fall of humankind into sin and the tainting of God’s creation is highlighted near the very beginning of this book. The authors explain that all things – including dinosaurs – were affected by the entrance of sin into the world. But they are quick to promise the reader that sin and death are not the end of the story. In the concluding pages of the book, the reader is presented with the gospel message and the hope that Jesus brings for all people: redemption from sin and eternal life in a new created world that is perfect and good.

I was very excited and pleased that the ICR crafted Dinosaurs in this way. More than being a fact-based children’s dinosaur book, this resource is a faith-based educational book that teaches about dinosaurs from a purely Christian perspective.

I truly enjoyed this book and am thankful to have it in my home. I know I’ll be referencing it again and will be having my children read through it when they are older. I highly recommend this book for any dinosaur-loving child and for any Christian family.

You can purchase this book or learn more about the Institute for Creation Research here:


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